Sacrificial Poet Project

a tiny band of poets

is quietly contending

for the nomadic hearts
of a nation

like special forces
taking thoughts captive

we are becoming
the Art of War

in meter, rhyme, and metaphor

we are Sun Tzu, Von Clausowitz, and Boyd
with weapons of words

turning phrases, meeting minds

moving motive by stealth and Spirit

finding partisans and sympathizers

collaborators and financiers

we are Jack Kerouac meets Billy Graham
with a slice of Carl Sagan on the side

we treat sacrifice like a party
and we're burning up here

we are searching
ultimate reality for signs of life

while the smoke of our lives
pours into heaven

we are hipsters so retro
we will never be cool

we are faith past blindness
eye witnessed to new birth

believing to see

hope soaked from earthen jars

new wine seeping, pouring, exploding
from old wine skins

we are justice and mercy
and fierce humility

begging an audience
with eternal evolution

we are Einstein and Darwin
unleashed by redemption

relativity and origin resolved

human echoes of a divine nature

reflections of mercy

salvation both calling and falling
upon us like rain

we are lost and found

prodigal prophets

flesh become words

death become life

a holy priesthood

we are a moment of truth

speaking our truth

that all Truth

is a Person