College Admission Essay Format to Use in 2020

The Correct College Admission Essay Format

One aspect that can easily cause your college admission essay to be rejected is using the wrong format. That is why a student needs to read all the given guidelines and ensure their writing adheres to all of them. Following the correct college admission essay format shows that you are a student who adheres to all the professor’s instructions.

This means you will follow the directives given by any teacher in that school, which will help you to thrive. Furthermore, formatting your essay as per the specified style works to keep the written content organized and free of plagiarism.

There are numerous ways that a student can use to format their essay. The most popular are MLA, APA, and Chicago. However, depending on the institution, you can be requested to use that which is specific to that discipline or course. Formatting is not just about the citation style but also the structure. Here is more information on this topic.


The college admission essay will have between four to five sections. The first paragraph is designated as the introduction, which has a hook and thesis statement. Two or three paragraphs will make up the body section, which contains a bulk of the evidence to support what you are communicating.

The last section is the concluding paragraph, which restates the main points in a unique manner. From the first to the last paragraph, the content must be written logically and coherently and transitions smoothly.

In-Text Citation

This is a crucial part of the college admission essay format, especially when using the APA or MLA format. If the name of the author whose work you want to quote is not mentioned in the body section, then a shortened version, which includes the year or page number, is out in parentheses.

This is to add credibility to your work and show the committee where you found the information. It is always best to use recent and credible sources, especially those that have been cited by numerous people.

The format for in-text citations to use depends on the style. For instance, MLA favors name and page number while APA goes for name and the year the material was published. The in-text has to be included even when the information is paraphrased and written directly after that particular sentence.

Some citation styles might also present the in-text in the form of a superscript. Check the guidelines before you begin the writing process to be 100% sure that the college admission essay format you are using is indeed the requested one.

In case you are unsure about the rules of a particular style of have not grasped the guidelines from the latest manual edition, look at samples written by a subject expert.


Part of following the ideal college admission essay format is arranging all the sources mentioned in the in-text citation on a new page. The references have to be listed in full and arranged alphabetically. Depending on the formatting style, you can arrange the sources in a reference, bibliography, or works cited page.

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