How to Prepare for College Admission Tests

The Right Way to Prepare for College Admission Exams

Most college admission examinations tend to be standardized. They work on challenging the thinking capability of the learner and gauging their writing skills. However, college admission exams are a great source of anxiety and worry for most high school students.

After all, you must get a certain score to boost the possibilities of attending your favorite university and to pursue a specific course. Without meeting the cut off points, you may have to retake the exams, which can leave you feeling like a failure. While a person can take the quizzes as many times as you want, you can avoid all that hustle with the right preparation, which guarantees success.

Take note that most colleges require students to submit the scores from the standardized tests in specific subjects, including English and math. As a result, your GPA and impressive extracurricular may not be sufficient to convince the admission board to hand you a letter of acceptance. Besides, the education system varies from country to country, so a standardized test is an ideal way to level the field even for international scholars.


Wondering which standardized tests to take? Well, it depends on the college to which you will be applying to. Some accept SAT scores, while others prefer the ACT. You may further find institutions that accept either, which gives you room to settle on that which is favorable only to you. SAT is famous for assessing five areas: reading, writing, math, language, and an elective essay. Every segment is calculated independently, but the learner can get between 200 and 800 marks.

On the other hand, ACT uses the multiple-choice format and assesses English, reading, science, and math sections. It also has an optional writing section. The final grade is calculated from each part, which carries 1-36 marks. While SAT focuses on measuring aptitude, the ACT is an achievement exam mostly set according to the high school level of education.

When deciding which college admission test to enroll for, consider the length. For instance, when you intend to complete the ACT writing segment, the test shall be longer as opposed to the length of the SAT.


When planning for a standardized test, the most important aspect is to consider the time set. Thus doing a preliminary exam to ensure that the learner has the capability of answering all segments within the specified timeframe

A practice quiz will give a clue of what to expect and the ideal way to go around answering the inquiries as well as provide an understanding of what you require to study more of to improve your overall score. It is always ideal to start with the easy questions then deal with the hard ones later. This ensures that you do not spend a lot of time on one specific question and end up failing to beat the deadline.

Knowing what to expect from a college admission test will give you confidence and make you confident when doing the examination. It will also save valuable time as you shall have grasped the technique of answering the queries in a way that boosts success.

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