What College Admissions Want

What College Admissions officers Want

If you have been thinking about going to college, the chances are high that you have been reading several articles so that you can gain more information about what college admissions want. Common issues such as answering the prompt, sticking to the specified word count, and being unique tend to be covered in most posts.

However, do they really go deep into the unique information that the admission committee expects to see in a successful essay? If not, and you still have questions, this post can help give an accurate picture of what the college admissions want.

Good ACT and SAT Scores

While the debate on whether SAT and ACT are poor indicators of a student’s academic success, these standardized tests remain a staple in most college admissions. The essay further gives an opportunity for students to distinguish themselves in better ways.

So do not make the mistake of thinking you do not need good ACT scores to enroll in your dream school. This is because being an excellent student might be the best way to showcase your academic excellence, which is a quality that most college admissions look for in an application.

To make it easier to get good grades, select subjects that you are passionate about. When having difficulties understanding a particular subject or topic, do not hesitate to ask for help from a specialist, teacher, or classmates.

HW: Extracurricular

Apart from checking grades from the relevant subject, college admissions want students who are well rounded. That is why they also consider extracurricular activities, which can include an internship or volunteer work. The trick is to choose activities that align with the course you want to pursue as it makes the student looks focused. The activities listed should also work to show that the institution’s goals fit yours and that you will thrive on that campus.

Apply Early

Most students wait until the last minute to send their college applications. You have only one chance to make a lasting first impression on the committee; hence all your documents must be perfect. Besides, a single mistake can make your documents end up in the rejection pile.

Instead of waiting until the last minute, apply early as it shows you are serious and excited about getting admission into your dream school, which gives you better odds of getting accepted. It also cuts on the last-minute stress. So if you are sure and believe a particular college is the best fit, go ahead and apply early and give the board a reason to see you as the best fit.

Write Persuasively

College admissions want to be convinced of why they should allow you to attend that school. Yes, you may have good grades, but what distinguishes you from other students with the same scores. They also want to know whether you have qualities that will make it possible for you to thrive in that college environment. So write persuasively without sounding like you are bragging. Ensure the presented content convinces the committee that your needs and goals align with the school.

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